Let me introduce myself ...

About me ...


Thank you for being curious about who I am, and discovering how I can help you. 

I believe that every client who seeks my services has been led to discover my offerings ... in other words, I believe that you're here reading these words because you're meant to be!

I don’t ascribe to any particular religious or spiritual tradition. I'm all about down-to-earth guidance, held within powerful channels of energy to help you to be the strength of your soul, relieve you from your pain, and assist you to live your happiest life. My intention is to help you to feel free from negative cycles, close chapters on the past, and to help you walk in your light. 

I’m not a newbie intuitive healer or spiritual mentor who just popped up last week.

I have had my spiritual gifts for lifetimes, and have run my own healing sanctuary in Perth for many years, assisting thousands of clients.  I am also a mentor for many of Perth's most intuitive healers and channels. 

If you're seeking peace, purpose, healing from your pain or mentorship - you're at the right place. If you're seeking clear guidance that helps you to feel a sense of calm strength and peaceful joy - you will discover this here. 

I am looking forward to meeting you!​


A bit of background

Spiritual Gifts & Abilities



Channelling Guidance

Energy Perception/Healing




Strengthening Soul Light

Energy Restoration/Balancing

Removing Attachments

Intuitive Herbalist - plant medicine

Spiritual Mentoring

Personal Bacnkgroud

 I grew up in NZ, on the land. I had a wonderful childhood and realise with hindsight, that this was part of my spiritual skill building. I spent my childhood

 fishing, collecting seafood, and natural treasures.

I currently live in Fremantle, Western Australia with my two precious children, a very grounded husband, and two fur-babies (mischievous dogs). 


Reiki Master / Teacher

Clinical  Nutritionist

Neuro-Linguistics Practitioner

Bachelor of Education 

Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist

My Why!

I love helping people.

I love using what I know and the wisdom that comes through from spirit.

I love being able to offer the healing gifts and spiritual abilities that I have because I know that it makes a big difference to people’s lives.

I believe in miracles; I see them every day.

They are here for us all and I love being part of the process, the door for some. I love meeting people, witnessing. I love holding a loving and nurturing space where they feel completely seen and without judgement.



“I had been going to regular talk therapy for months before I met Natalie. I didn't feel that I was making the progress that I desperately wanted. During one session with Natalie, I was able to discover more in 2 hours than I had been able to uncover over the months. I cannot thank her enough! I tell everyone to go and see her. ”

Jessica Mann

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Natalie Seigne is located on the corner of Marmion St and King St in East Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia.

There is ample parking and her healing center is easy to find.  

Natalie would love to hear from you!


If you need any further information and/or any questions,  please reach out.

I will get back to you asap (sometimes this can take me a few days, especially if my clients need extra TLC).

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Made with Love - from my heart to yours, Natalie Seigne

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