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My name is Natalie Seigne, and I am really looking forward to meeting you!

I offer nurturing services that include; energy healing,  channeling, soul alignment, energetic balancing, shamanic healing, soulful healing, telepathy, mentorship - and SO much more!

I'm definitely not a newbie to spiritual offerings, with thousands of clients both locally and internationally. I am also a mentor to people discovering their spiritual journey/awakening, and a mentor to many of Perth's most intuitive and heart-centered healers, including clinical specialists, psychologists, kinesiologists, and shamanic healers.    My down-to-earth and honest approach has helped me to create spiritual offerings that truly help elevate and transform lives. 

I offer intuitive guidance and spiritual support to people who are seeking to heal soul-fully. I help people to discover their  ​truth, purpose and live their happiest life.  If you dream of feeling joy, vitality,  love, connection, and flow - then you've arrived at the right place!  If your heart is set on healing the past, breaking negative cycles, feeling free, and attracting in the relationships that you desire - then my offerings are a great fit for you! 

Soul Sessions are all about helping you to feel radiant in mind, body, and spirit. 

My heart-to-heart intention is to relieve you of emotional and spiritual suffering, provide clarity of your highest path, and to provide channeled spiritual guidance to support the strength of your soul. Soul Sessions are a combination of energy medicine, healing, guidance, and mentorship.  

I am able to go beyond your mind, (this is not talk therapy. This is soul therapy!) Untethering the past and helping people to create new chapters in their lives. I communicate directly with spirit, soul parts, chakras, and energy lines. I often work with past lives, spiritual guides, and the highest frequencies of light.

Helping you to become the person that you were destined to be.

Helping you to feel worthy, purposeful, and in alignment with your highest path. 

I can help you to feel unstuck, to free your spirit and energy of heaviness, and to assist with the relief of depressive and anxious feelings. Channeled sessions can help reduce your inner-critic, release mind loops, increase your self-worth, and to trust and explore the gifts of your soul.

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Session Offerings

Natalie Seigne Healer Channel Soul Guide Reiki Shamanic Somatic Anxiety Relief Depression Relief Spiritual Guidance consciousness workshop spiritual counselling shamanism energy medicine energy healer energy healing fremantle natalie seigne reiki mentoring workshops awakening intuition spirit
Soul Sessions

These are transformational sessions that follow a flow of energy and guidance that will be perfect for you. A session can include so many different elements. Including; healing, channeled guidance, energy restoration and balancing, self-discovery and SO much more! 

Honestly, I never know how a session will flow, but I do know and trust that whatever is necessary for YOU will come to light during your session. I have a deep trust and relationship with the guides that will be present for you.  Your sessions will be completely unique, meeting your soul, energetic, and heart needs.  Always. 


These sessions can be a deep dive into your highest alignment, purposeful living,

soul lessons, contracts, and sacred relationships.   

Soul sessions can help you feel joy, aligned, and free-spirited. Sessions can include deep shamanic work and soul readings, in collaboration with high energy and spiritual guides.  People seek these sessions to discover their purpose, to assist with the path of awakening, and relief of their pain; heart, soul, mind, and body. 

You have been led to my offerings for a reason! If you are reading these words now, you were meant to discover these offerings. 


Upcoming Workshops

Natalie Seigne Fremantle Healer Channel Soul Guide Shamanic healing energy healer reiki healing spritual guidance counselling reiki training sound healing somatic healing anxiety relief soul purpose consciousness intuition
Mentoring Sessions

Are you seeking to further develop your spiritual gifts, intuition, or path of awakening? Do you need some guidance, somebody to offer you grounded support whilst you unlock your soul wisdom and spiritual abilities?


Whether you're a newbie to the spiritual path, or you've been on this curious and exciting path for many years, these sessions can help you develop and trust your spiritual path. I have curiously discovered that mentoring sessions act as attunements. My students elevate their abilities quickly within a safe and nourishing cocoon of the highest frequencies of energy. 


If you want to connect to your soul and unlock the beauty within you -

these sessions are nothing short of magic!


I am a trusted spiritual mentor and guide who can help you learn about spiritual hygiene, to trust yourself, your gifts, and spiritual development. Elevating consciousness, navigating awakenings, and embarking on the spiritual path can be super-exiting, but also a little scary (let's be honest, sometimes - it's REALLY scary!) Especially if you lack support and someone you can trust who completely gets it. I get it - I really do!


My own spiritual journey was lonely, and I struggled without someone to lean on for support. My intention is to help others like I was at the beginning of my journey. I don't want anyone to feel alone, isolated or afraid to unlock the beauty within their soul. 

I am now a proud mentor to many of Perth's healers, psychics, energy intuitives, and clinical professionals. I really treat my mentoree's like family. I truly care about their development and want the highest path for them and for YOU!



I have truly been amazed how Natalie has helped me deal with my life, in the past 4 months. Everything that we have discussed during our sessions has been spot on. I felt shifts within myself after seeing her twice, both experiences unique to the major life changes going on both personally and professionally. I feel healed, content, clarity, confident and most of all Natalie has given insight to what maybe in the foreseeable future. She is spot on. She has taught me to really open up and use the spiritual energies, be grateful, accepting and I am embracing life.

Go on the waiting list for offerings

Please note - I am currently booked out until the end of February, with only a few sessions times available in March. I am able to offer earlier spots to those who are already booked in - if someone needs to reschedule.

The waiting list only applies to those who are already booked in. 


Please send me an email if you'd like to get on my mailing list for retreats, workshops, 1:1 sessions, group healings, and training. :

My beautiful studio is located on the corner of Marmion St and  (99) King St in East Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia.

There is ample parking and her healing center is easy to find.  


If you need any further information and/or any questions,  please reach out.

I will get back to you within 48hours.

Made with Love - from my heart to yours, Natalie Seigne

Get intouch ...

I would LOVE to hear from you! 

Natalie Seigne is located on the corner of Marmion St and King St in East Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia.

There is ample parking and her healing center is easy to find.  

Natalie would love to hear from you!


If you need any further information and/or any questions,  please reach out.

I will get back to you asap (sometimes this can take me a few days, especially if my clients need extra TLC).

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Made with Love - from my heart to yours, Natalie Seigne

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