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shamanic healer. channel. spiritual teacher.  

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I am here to be of service to you.

I am here to support the journey of your soul.

I am here to help you heal, and connect deeply to yourself.

I am here to remind you of the light that you truly are.

I am here to help you connect with spirit, with loved ones who have passed,

and your own divinity.

My offerings are here to help you to create the life that you deserve.

It is possible for you to heal your heart and soul, and live a meaningful life, filled with purpose, inspiration, and laughter.

Natalie Shamanic Healer

I am a master healer, medium, and psychic with a strong connection to spirit, source, and universal wisdom.


I am able to move, balance, and shift huge energetic blocks in the chakras and the soul, working as a conduit between heaven and earth. 

I offer channeled soul sessions woven with love, honesty, and integrity that can help you release pain, anchor into your soul's purpose, and create the life you dream of. 

Looking for a mentor?

I offer intimate mentorships for those on the spiritual path. Guidance and support is lovingly provided to help you to unlock and understand your spiritual gifts and soul wisdom.

Mentoring is guided by spirit, whilst honouring your humaness. Mentorships include spiritual attunements, fast-tracked spiritual growth, and channelled guidance from light beings, ancestors, guides and ascended masters.

Mentorships are offered to those who are ready to expand, trust themselves and be of service to others.

Natalie Seigne - Spiritual Teacher
Story of Natalie Seigne

About Me

I'm not a newbie to spiritual offerings with thousands of clients both locally and internationally. My honest, gentle and compassionate approach has helped me to create spiritual offerings that transform lives. 

Most of my clients come through word-of-mouth referrals, however, I have giggled many times regarding the weird and wonderful ways that some people have found me. They are always led by spirit, as you are now. 

I have been doing this work, service to the soul, for many lifetimes. Luckily, I have the support here of my wonderful family who nourish my soul every day and inspire me to be the best human being I can be.

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Natalie Seigne - Soul Guide
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I have truly been amazed how Natalie has helped me deal with my life, in the past 4 months. Everything that we have discussed during our sessions has been spot on. I felt shifts within myself after seeing her twice, both experiences unique to the major life changes going on both personally and professionally. I feel healed, content, clarity, confident and most of all Natalie has given insight to what maybe in the foreseeable future. She is spot on. She has taught me to really open up and use the spiritual energies, be grateful, accepting and I am embracing life.


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I acknowledge the Whadjuk people of the Noongar nation as the traditional custodians of this country and its waters.

I pay my respects to Noongar elders past and present, and acknowledge their wisdom and advice in my teaching and spiritual knowledge activities.

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