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About Natalie

I trust that you have been gently led to these offerings by universal energy, guiding you towards your ​truth, purpose, and happiest life.


If you dream of feeling joy, vitality,  love, connection, and flow - then you've arrived at the right place.  Soul Sessions are all about helping you to feel radiant in mind, body and spirit. 

My heart-to-heart intention is to relieve you of emotional and spiritual suffering, provide clarity of your highest path, and to provide channeled spiritual guidance to support the strength of your soul. Soul Sessions are a combination of energy medicine, healing, and guidance. 

I am able to go beyond your mind, unlocking the past and helping you to create new chapters of your life. Attracting feelings of freedom, peace, and connection.

My sessions are filled with honesty and compassion - helping you to build a strong relationship with yourself and others. You will be able to break negative patterns and ancestral cycles. Strengthening your ability to trust, to lead through the heart and live with a sense of well-being and optimism. 

I can help you to get unstuck, to free your spirit and energy of heaviness, and to relieve the feelings of depression and anxiety. Channeled sessions help reduce the inner-critic, release mind loops, increase your self-worth, and to trust and explore the gifts of your soul. We can also explore your purpose and soul journey. 

My approach is holistic, providing you with easy and realistic tools and rituals that you can use daily to enrich your life and relieve your central nervous system.  I work intimately with spirit guides, I can see energy clearly and can shift, balance, and move energy to help you to feel whole. 


Session Offerings

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Soul Sessions

Transformational sessions that include healing, channeled guidance, and self-discovery. These sessions are a deep dive into your life plan, alignment, soul lessons, and contracts. 

Helping you to feel joy, aligned, purposeful and free-spirited. Sessions can include deep shamanic work, soul readings, and collaboration with high energy and spiritual guides. 

People seek these sessions to discover their purpose, to assist with the path of awakening, and relief of their pain; heart, soul, mind, and body.

You can live a happy and fore filling life - with purpose! You can feel free of the past and experience your best life NOW!

Natalie Seigne Fremantle Healer Channel Soul Guide Shamanic healing energy healer reiki healing spritual guidance counselling reiki training sound healing somatic healing anxiety relief soul purpose consciousness intuition

Clear guidance and mentorship to help you to develop your intuitive gifts and trust your spiritual path. 

If you want to connect to your soul and unlock the beauty within you - these sessions will help you!

Especially helpful if you are navigating through an awakening and in need of some down-to-earth guidance and teachings.

Natalie is a trusted mentor who can help you learn about spiritual hygiene and help you to embrace the energy of 'I AM'. She is proud to mentor some of Perth's best Healers, knowing that her purpose is to help those at the beginning of their journey - and those experienced healers who are embracing their journey but in need to some loving guidance. 


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I have truly been amazed how Natalie has helped me deal with my life, in the past 4 months. Everything that we have discussed during our sessions has been spot on. I felt shifts within myself after seeing her twice, both experiences unique to the major life changes going on both personally and professionally. I feel healed, content, clarity, confident and most of all Natalie has given insight to what maybe in the foreseeable future. She is spot on. She has taught me to really open up and use the spiritual energies, be grateful, accepting and I am embracing life.

Healing & Guidance

Relief from anxiety & depression

Connecting with yourself, path & purpose

Relief from trauma

Healing of the heart

Relationship guidance

Shamanic Healing

Rebalancing energy & removing attachments

Spiritual counseling & awakening

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Natalie Seigne Fremantle Healer Channel Soul Guide Reiki Healing Relief Anxiety Depression Somatic Healing Energy Medicine Shamanic Shamanism Soul Reading Spiritual Guidance Intuition Grounding Tools Cleansing Incense Energy Medicine
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Natalie Seigne Fremantle Healer Channel Soul Guide Reiki Healing Relief Anxiety Depression Somatic Healing Energy Medicine Shamanic Shamanism Soul Reading Spiritual Guidance Intuition Grounding Tools Cleansing Incense Energy Medicine Fremantle Perth
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Natalie Seigne is located on the corner of King St and Marmion St, East Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia. There is ample, free parking available.

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