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Shamanic Healing

During your soul session, we may journey down the path of shamanic healing.

Your sessions will be a beautiful mix of different modalities; channeled guidance, wisdom, energy healing, and mediumship. Maybe your session will also include shamanic healing, a beautiful path toward healing?

If it is meant to be for you, spirit will lead us in this direction. 

Shamanic healing is held over of the world and varies in form, but in it's truth - shamanic healing has the power to transform and heal the soul. Gently weaving the soul back to light, shifting dense energy, clearing the mind of suffering and opening the heart. 

Held within the energy of unconditional love, shamanic healing can help you to shift the shadows and imprints of trauma, to assist with the recovery of anxiety and depression - helping you to grow a strong, kind and lovingly relationship with self and others.  Healing in this way strengthens and supports the soul. 

Shamanic healing sessions are held within the energy of 'oneness'.I always work very closely with spirit, with guides, ancestors and passed loved ones during my shamanic healing sessions. The energy of these sessions is always very strong, always deep and always transformational. This is why I love them so much!


Shamanic healing happens at the level of soul, this organically shifts and heals the chakras and the stories held within each. During these sessions there are always powerful reconnections, clearing of energy fields and a return 'home' for the soul. True shamanic healing does not re-associate anyone into their pain, this would be opening the mind, not the heart and soul. There is no fear elicited in shamanic healing sessions. 


In my experience, shamanism when woven with a holistic healing approach, is one of the most beautiful, loving and profound ways to help someone to heal.  The healing is so deep, but so soft and gentle. 


I look forward to holding one of these sessions for you! 


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Shamanic healing can help you ... 

If your soul is feeling exhausted

If you are suffering and perpetually moving through stories in your mind

If you are feel disempowered and lacking trust

If you are feeling like you are living in a fog or darkenss that is taking away your breath 

If your heart is wounded

If you still feel attached to another, even if they have hurt you

If you yearn to feel connected to your spirit, to Source, to your own truth

If you've been feeling confused about the past

If you are finding it impossible to move on

If you are feeling stuck, without direction and purpose

If you are feeling like you are stuck in cycles of negativity


Your healing journey

Healing occurs as we begin to consciously reconnect with our essential being - the wise, loving and powerful, creative essence that we are at our core. 

What to expect during your shamanic session

For many shamans and shamanic practitioners, the use of drums, rattles, and plant medicines are often used during shamanic healing sessions as a means of going into different conscious states to enable a practitioner to 'see' and work with the soul. The cultural background of the shamanic healing that I  facilitate with my clients comes from Hawaii and has been taught to me by my ancestors. For my shamanic practice, I do not need to use any tools, or plant medicines on my journeys, instead I am able to change my state quite easily and commune with different energies and spirits to assist with the healing of my clients. 


During your soul session, if I work with your soul in a shamanistic way, I will surrender my energy to spirit so they can work through me, as you simply get to rest, close your eyes and breathe gently. There is nothing expected of you, nothing that you need to do, there is certainly nothing that you can do wrong. As you simply 'be' you will feel a peace begin to flow around and through you. This magical energy will also start to harmonise your chakra system, and release the stories held in each. 


With authentic shamanic healing, a client does not re-associate with their trauma. During your healing session with me, I will not take your mind back to events that have wounded you. This is soul work, for this type of healing, we bypass the mind. In this way, we can let the ego go and work within the energy of pure love. 

As you rest and allow, my role will be to speak directly to your soul and find the pieces of your soul that have been wounded, the pieces of you that are stuck in the past, stuck in disempowerment, and those that have been taken away from your holy light. With the love and support of your guides, we gently bring these parts of you home; back to yourself, back to wholeness, back to full light.


This will hugely strengthen your soul, helping you to form a relationship with your soul, helping you to feel grounded, calm and strong. When your soul returns to full strength - it changes everything! Remember that everything in the external is a reflection of the internal. When you shift in this profound way, so many beautiful opportunities will arise for you.

Your vibration will shift in unimaginable ways - and you'll feel more at home within yourself. 



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I have truly been amazed how Natalie has helped me deal with my life, in the past 4 months. Everything that we have discussed during our sessions has been spot on. I felt shifts within myself after seeing her twice, both experiences unique to the major life changes going on both personally and professionally. I feel healed, content, clarity, confident and most of all Natalie has given insight to what maybe in the foreseeable future. She is spot on. She has taught me to really open up and use the spiritual energies, be grateful, accepting and I am embracing life.

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