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Soul Sessions

From my heart to yours ...​

Soul sessions are a combination of powerful spiritual guidance and soul/energy healing. There are so many different tools that I use every day for my clients, under the compassionate guidance of spirit. These tools can include - shamanism, channeling, clairvoyance, telepathy, reiki and spirit communication.  I am never sure which tools I will be using to assist my clients, although I absolutely trust that whatever I am guided too by spirit, is perfect for the needs, healing, and guidance of the people I help.


I am humbled to witness HUGE transformations in my clients, massive elevations in consciousness, deep healing, life-changing 'ah-ha' moments, and complete release of shadows. I feel so happy when I help my clients feel peace, to feel whole, to feel purposeful and free in their mind, body and soul.  It is an honour to be a channel and to use my intuitive gifts to help people. 

I help people find their highest path, to transform their lives,

deeply connect to their soul truth, heal from soul/heart wounds, and to feel purposeful.

I am not new to spiritual healing and guidance, having facilitated hundreds of 1:1 client sessions, as a healer and also as a mentor.  I provide grounded services, that truly, do not fit the stereotypes often associated with my line of work. I am not overly 'woo-woo' myself, but admittedly ... I can, and do some 'weird shit' (technical term), that helps people to feel the best they've felt in a very long time.  I channel very high guidance and I am absolutely dedicated to being of service! 


No two sessions are the same with me. Soul sessions are unique to every person who steps through my door.  I will clear and balance your energy, speak to your soul, witness your heart and provide intuitive wisdom communicated from your highest self and spirit guides.  I trust and know that whatever it is that you need energetically, will show up in your session. 

I am not taking any bookings at the moment. 
Please join my waiting list to find out when bookings re-open. 

Are you looking for honest, compassionate,

and down-to-earth healing and guidance?

If so, you're going to find it within my offerings.


Soul sessions can be held in person, in my beautiful, homely studio in East Fremantle, or via skype or zoom.  My sessions run for up to 2hours. I do not believe in transactional healing - that's simply not what I'm about. I'm a deep-soul-diver, untangling the energy threads that cause anxiety and depression, helping my clients to connect into themselves and attract the relationships that they yearn for. 



I am not taking any bookings at the moment. 
Please join my waiting list to find out when bookings re-open. 

Mentoring Sessions

Consciousness is shifting quickly at the moment. More and more people are waking up, changing their vibration, and tuning into source.  People are shifting their awareness, beginning to trust their intuition more and more - and looking for spiritual mentoring so that they can feel safe and supported. 

If you are needing some extra support so you can discover more about your soul path, being of service, and exploring your spiritual gifts - I can help you! There is a treasure of soul wisdom within you and together we can safely explore your intuitive path, empath nature, and/or spiritual sensitivity.  

I offer mentorship and spiritual guidance to people at the beginning of their journey, to people who want to play and discover, to those seeking the foundations of spiritual work or those who would like further development with channeling, spiritual guides, celesterial-beings, light-language, shamanic healing, and reiki. I follow the law of resonance, and spiritual hygiene is at the core of all of my light work. 

Sometimes, shifts in consciousness can be scary. Sometimes we take the path with wobbly legs and need someone to lean on. That's where I can step in and walk beside you. During my own awakening (which is a constant evolution for all of us), I felt very lonely on my path. My teachers ALL came in spirit form. They were and probably always will be my biggest supporters and champions. I yearned for someone to be there for me, and now I take on the role of helping others the way that I deeply yearned for. 

All sessions are facilitated online via zoom, skype or facetime for 2hours.

You will receive channelled notes via email after our session. I run all of my sessions from sacred land around our beautiful country. 

2hrs = $250


Honouring your humanness and your soul,

I will help you to unlock your wisdom, to trust yourself,

and to grow a relationship with your guides and the divine.


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I am not taking any bookings at the moment. 
Please join my waiting list to find out when bookings re-open. 

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If you need any further information and/or any questions,  please reach out.

I will get back to you asap (sometimes this can take me a few days, especially if my clients need extra TLC). 

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