The feel of this workshop is POWERFUL. It is active, it is transformative.


This workshop is for those who:


  • Learn the true difference between internal/external power
  • Learn how cause and effect and intention works on a universal level
  • Identify how you feel more often and feel the emotions in your body
  • Want to and are ready to stand in their authentic power
  • Ready to make a commitment to change how they react and learn how to self soothe and process
  • Want to process and learn how to sit with, and transform heavy and uncomfortable emotions so we don’t take them into our external, but also be able to anchor in emotions that feel good so you know that place exists within you, always.
  • Learn how to shift the ‘afraid’ parts of our personality, our wounded or undeveloped parts of self that don’t align with who we are on a soul level (i.e. insecurities, jealousy, blame, anger etc)
  • Are tired of ‘repetitive’ feelings or situations (stuck in samskaras or cycles), ‘I always fall short’, ‘I can’t have that abundance’, repeated in several areas of life: career, friendships, relationships, financial, physical etc

When you find your authentic power, you are able respond V react, become constructive V deconstructive, Grounded V unsettled and anxious, choose love over fear, and everything that is aligned to you starts entering your life- WOOHOO!

Authentic Power - Workshop with Emma Goodfellow

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