We warmly invite you to attend an inspirational weekend workshop that will help you to connect easily and deeply with plants and the natural world. 


If your heart and mind is curious to explore the wisdom of plants and build a relationship of reciprocity with nature, then we warmly welcome you to attend our weekend workshop.


You will discover how you can communicate with plants and channel the essence of their spirit, their medicine and their wisdom.  With this wisdom you will be able to recieve practical help and guidance from the plant world - assisting with healing, guidance and connection. 


This workshop is not about learning from books, you will be connecting with the plants to learn from source.  You will discover how to open your heart to connect to nature in a magical, profound and ancesteral way; beyond your mind, a soul - soul connection. 


Since the beginnings of humanity, ancestral wisdom cultures have been sharing guidance and healing found in the world of soil and sun, wind and water, plants and animals. The natural world is wise, they say, and plants offer special doorways to its wisdom. You too can learn from plants. You can learn to walk through their doorways to the wisdom of the natural world. In this workshop you will explore your relationship with plants as wise elder guides to the knowledge and power of nature. Without ingesting any substances, taking the help of safe practices, you will learn to feel, hear and trust the teachings of the plants.


This event will be faciliated by  my friend and mentor, Phil Roberts who has over 20yrs experience in Plant Spirit Medicine. I will be attending to support participants on their journey. You can discover more about Phil via his website:



  • Dates - 22nd/23rd August
  • Time - 9.30am - 4.30pm on both days
  • Where Hilton (address will be sent via email)
  • Event inlcudes a Sacred Fire on Saturday evening, 7pm - 9:30pm (optional and families welcome to attend with you)
  • Exchange: $225 for the weekend workshop, including the sacred fire.
  • Tea/Coffee, morning and afternoon tea is provided.
  • If you prefer to pay a deposit to secure your place, please send me an email to arrange. 


If you would like further information please contact Phil on 

08 6219 5170 or via his website www.philrobertspsm.com.au


Plant Spirit Medicine Weekend Workshop

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