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Leading with Love - Mentorship

Natalie Seigne - Energy Healer

The mentorship that I offer is called 'Leading with Love'.

My heart is bursting with gratitude towards all of those who have already reached out looking for support and guidance. I am absolutely committed to offering you the most supportive experience that I can.


I want to highlight that this mentorship is a close-knit group, an Ohana, a family. This isn’t a mass-produced mentorship, this is an intimate mentorship where you’ll feel my wings and strong protection cocoon you. This is the type of mentorship that I craved, that I needed, but never found.

I literally traveled around the world searching for a mentor … it didn’t happen. But I truly believe I can be the ‘spirit mumma’ - an affectionate term used to describe me by one of my mentees, (thanks gorgeous!) that you're looking for. 

This mentorship is run over 6 beautiful months; February 2022 is the next intake. There will be ups and downs, self-inquiry, elevation, truth bombs, and … all my tools and wisdom laid out in front of you (here you go, try this one on for size!)

I’m not guiding you to be like me - no, no - this is about you expanding YOU! It is also about raising the standard and consciousness of healer's to ensure that clients are held with integrity and truth - always. ​

What does the mentorship include?

1:1 mentoring session with me per month for 6 months, via phone.

Group healings, attunements, and channeled messages (only for mentees). This isn’t for the masses, this is hugely important for your growth. The energy of attunements is immense.

Priority communication. You’ll have your own access to me. 

Ohana ‘get-togethers where we share our journeys honestly, ask questions and receive inspired answers.

Me (duh!) talking you through case studies. I’ve just recorded a case study about a Soul in limbo, a 4yr old girl who passed of cancer a few weeks ago. The case studies will help you hugely! Real-life stuff with love from anonymous clients whose privacy is completely respected.

A huge collection of ‘how to’ videos. That kinda sounds like a Bunning's advertisement! Sorry. Let’s re-take; A platform of intimate conversations and tutorials to help you learn, feel inspired, and ready to harness light! Huge amounts of light! I will invite you to learn my techniques, tune into spirit in new ways. This will be available to you 24/7.

I’ll be checking in with you all gently between our 1:1’s. I’ll be moving and shifting energy, speaking directly to your soul. I’ll always let you know what’s come up.

Friendship with your fellow mentorees (we are kicking loneliness to the curb!)

Awakening your Soul. Let me show you just how friggen amazing you are!

Teachings directly from spirit. I’m not regurgitating what I’ve read in books or received from an outside influence. Everything I share will come from spirit, from source. I will channel all attunements from higher beings.

Mentorship topics

What will be covered?

spiritual hygiene/protection

light and dark energy

detailed energy healing


shamanism (soul retrievals)

channeling very high wisdom

opening portals to other dimensions

connecting with spirit, source, guides …

telepathy (mind)

heart whispering (soul)

inner child work (non association from client)

past life (shamanism)

connecting with earth (my grandmother in spirit will help with this. And I suspect, visit each of you)

speaking to trees/plant medicines (possible ayahuasca channeling)

the truth about the chakras

speaking to the soul

shifting energy between masculine and feminine

frequencies of sound for healing

soul colours (old souls, young souls) and what they mean

purpose and meaning

relationship recovery

assisted healing of depression, anxiety, trauma

dis-eases and energy relationship

holding space


releasing attachments (shamanism)

releasing fear from the mind

being one with spirit

Hononponopono - compassion, forgiveness, grace

Huna (Hawaiian)techniques

how to tune into a clients physical body, soul, mind

Reiki attunements (for those without)

Direct channeling and support from beings of light (including Anna, Grandmother of Jesus)

Goddess archetypes

What happens when we pass

Plus so much more

My why

For years I sought a mentor, literally traveling the globe looking for a guiding hand to help me to grow, get through wobbly patches, encourage me to trust myself, and to have faith in the unfathomnable.

Sadly, I never found a mentor, which felt lonely and isolating. I would often trantrum about it, become angry with my spirit guides and demand they send me someone, (anyone!) who could guide me. I am much more at peace with this now as it is clear to me why I never found a mentor ...

I have learnt to become what I sought.

It is from this heartspace that I offer my mentoring services. My passion is to help up-level and elevate the skills and intuition of healers. Supporting others on their journey is a wonderful path and purpose, one that is written in my Akashic Record. ​

Shamanism by Natalie Seigne

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