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What is Reiki?

Reiki is essentially activated, channeled energy that helps to remove energy blocks in the body, mind, and soul. Reiki energy is also described as universal life force energy that elevates the flow of life force within the recipient. Reiki is a loving and kind energy, that is very safe to channel and receive. It is the energy of unconditional love, grace, and compassion. During a reiki session, you may experience feelings of lightness, letting go of anxieties, and trusting the energy as it gently soothes your soul, and connects you to your heavenly self.   Reiki sessions are filled with healing white light, ascending your soul and alchemising your energy.

The flow of Reiki Energy

When this energy is flowing within and around a recipient, the chakra system responds by flowing with more harmony, the life force is restored, and the auric field is cleansed of heavy energy. The flow of reiki energy feels soothing to the soul - releasing heavy, energetic chords and realigning empowerment. 
The graceful flow of reiki energy creates harmonious energetic flow in the body, easing the suffering in the mind and opening the heart chakra.  This energy is often very grounding and a wonderful aid in easing stress. Reiki is a grounding therapy, that assists with helping a recipient to feel more centered, calm, and peaceful. 

My Soul Sessions include reiki, woven together with my other spiritual gifts to give you a healing experience that truly does shift heavy energy quickly, helping your soul to glow and sparkle. This is an invitation to live with more joy, more inspiration and to elevate your spiritual gifts. 


What does Reiki Energy feel like?

The energy of reiki is soft, nurturing and kind. It embodies a sense of peace, often relaxing stressed and exhausted central nervous systems. Reiki healing goes beyond the mind, and is hard to rationalize. Yet, those who have received reiki are often surprised by how much better they feel. Reiki often activates gentle spiritual awakenings, shifting a recipient from their head to their heart, assisting the recipient to live with more joy and be more creative within their own life.

What can Reiki help with? 

- Feelings of dis-ease
- Feelings of stuckness
- Soul exhaustion
- Suffeirng in the mind
- Healing of the heart
- Releasing the burden of heavy energy
- Reclaiming empowerment
- Reconnecting with Source 
- Increasing life force
- Calming the central nervous system
- Increasing vitality - mind, body & spirit
- Harmonising the chakra system
- Opening the self up to higher dimensions of energy


The history of Reiki

There are at least 30 slightly different branches of reiki, but Usui is by far the most popular form. Usui is the method practiced and taught in Japan as early as the 1900s by Makao Usui, who is credited as the founder of modern reiki.

Usui reiki came to the West via Hawaii in the 1930s thanks to a Japanese-American woman named Hawayo Takata. She traveled back to her native Japan to seek healing for her own physical and mental ailments, including a lung condition, asthma and a nervous breakdown after the death of her husband. Her healing experience was so profound that Takata returned to Hawaii and became the first person to teach reiki in the West. Reiki has spready around the world from this time. 

Complimenting Reiki

Reiki can be facilitated on individuals, or in a group setting. It can be used to help restore the life force of humans, animals, plants and other objects. There is no limit to who or what can receive this loving energy. Water that has been charged with reiki energy has been scientifically shown to change the structure of the molecles.


Reiki is often used with crystals, aromatherapy and sound therapy. Reiki has no geographical limitations and is very successfully transmitted remotely.  


The Philosophy of Reiki

The term “reiki” comes from the Japanese words “rei,” meaning universal, and “ki,” which means vital life force energy that flows through all living things.  Reiki is a complementary health approach in which practitioners place their hands on or just above different areas of the body. It’s based on an Eastern medicine belief that living beings have energy fields that support their health and vitality.

Energy blocks, on the other hand, impede innate flow of energy, causing not only health problems but also negative life circumstances like financial troubles or relationship problems, according to belief. Energy blocks of any living being can be treated, according to belief, which is why some practitioners also work on animals and plants. Reiki practitioners focus on sensing energy blocks and moving the energy for the greatest good of the client.

The underlying philosophy of reiki is that if a person’s energy is low, they are more likely to be unwell or stressed. If it is high, however, they are more capable of being happy and feeling well.

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Spiritual guidance and counseling is received through spirit communication and mediumship, through the means of psychic wisdom, telepathy and heart whispering. Guidance is channeled, delivered with kindness and sensitivity - helping you to understand yourself, your life and others very deeply. 

These sessions are heart-heart and led by the love of spirit. Spiritual guidance and counseling has the power to help you understand what you've never been able to understand before, together we will see what is often unseen, untangling obstacles and receive clarity and insight that can unlock deep pain, trauma and blocks to living with creativity, power and abundance.