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This woman is phenomenal. I have been many to many other Healer but this was a total breakthrough for me! The Reiki  - umm amazing!! I had a torn calf muscle and after my reiki session, I was able to run around (jog) the next day which is pretty amazing she also picked up on some wonderful intuitive things which made me feel fantastic. I left there feeling absolutely amazing!!

Thank you so so much :)

Meeting Natalie was life-changing she is truly a gift. Her ability to clearing past blocks is remarkable and her connection to guide your soul's purpose is so important. Thank you for everything Natalie your service is amazing and so highly recommended. 

Natalie is sensational! I had her shamanic healing which was amazing, I felt like so much shifted after the healing. The reading was so interesting, and her medicinal/ceremonial Cacao which she makes with love is pure magic. Would recommend her to anyone and everyone in need of changes in their life!

Natalie is truely the embodiment of love. I’ve had 2 sessions with her and have attended one of her workshops. She truely makes you feel so comfortable and seen. Each time I see her it’s like a super charge to my soul that lasts for several days after. I’ve had the most incredible insights and gifts come through as a result of our sessions. It’s hard to put into words just how phenomenal she is.

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I have truly been amazed how Natalie has helped me deal with my life, in the past 4 months. Everything that we have discussed during our sessions has been spot on. I felt shifts within myself after seeing her twice, both experiences unique to the major life changes going on both personally and professionally. I feel healed, content, clarity, confident and most of all Natalie has given insight to what may be in the foreseeable future. She is spot on. She has taught me to really open up and use the spiritual energies, be grateful, accepting and I am embracing life.
Thank you

Natalie is the most beautiful, gentle and angelic soul I have ever come across. Rarely do you meet someone and you instantly fall in love with their energy. I would highly recommend Nat to anyone looking for spiritual healing, guidance and soul work. She is incredibly talented and has incredible healing powers.

Natalie is simply amazing!!!!! I have had 3 sessions with her and she is a gem! it was a wonderful experience , her soul reading and spiritual guidance was so accurate and it opened my eyes for new potentials and truly changed my life for …

Natalie is a spiritual butterfly. She can calm wavy waters, subside destructive winds, warm the winter, and above all give life to a dead heart. She's full of love whatever you call it; celestial love, cosmic love or spiritual love. She is …More

Meeting Natalie has been a transformative experience for me. Her spiritual knowledge and depth of empathy and ability to hold such a loving space is a blessing to witness and be held in. Each session has brought new insights and guidance and full of love for you! Thank you so much!

I have had 3 private sessions with Natalie and attended her workshops. The gifts I have received from her have been life changing. I feel truly blessed to have been guided to this wonderful woman and highly recommend her.🙏🏻💕


Every once in a while you meet an angel in human form. Nat is one of these angels. Her loving energy, wisdom and guidance is pure and authentic. Nat's channel is so clear, divine and intuitive. It is clear Nat does the work. Natalie is amazing. Thank you 

I've done three sessions with Natalie and over the course of about half a year I've seen such a big (positive) shift in a lot of areas in my life. Through her spiritual guidance and healing I was able to finalise the healing of childhood sexual trauma, accept, forgive, come to terms with. I was able to see my own personal power, release myself of doubts, heal and manage my depression the list goes ON! I always recommend Natalie & the beautiful fremantle space to friends and family. Such deep and potent healing, more so than anything I've encountered thus far. It's like Natalie is a mirror through which you can only see the highest, best parts of yourself...

Thanks Natalie, big gratitude to you! You're a gem x


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