Friday 18th June, 25th June, 2nd July, 23rd July
9:30am - 10:30am

You're invited to attend a soul-nourishing collective healing to rejuvenate your spirit and activate your wellbeing.  These offerings are held every two weeks, each with a different theme and energy transmission. 

This is a journey of self-love, connecting you to your inner wisdom, the light of your precious soul and highest alignment. This is an invitation for the great spirit to flow through you, providing healing, clarity and elevation of consciousness.  

As the highest frequencies of energy embrace you, your connection to Source will be strengthened, your chakras balanced and your energy cleared of heaviness. 

Attending these group healings is a compassionate gift to yourself. An opportunity for you to CHOOSE YOU, receive unconditional LOVE, and grace-filled  energy in a safe and grounded environment with an experienced Shaman.  This will be a time for you to release old stories, release energy that does not serve you, and embrace gentle, loving vibrations. 

Be Loved is a group energy healing from my heart to yours. A channeled healing where I will hold you in a cocoon of high frequencies and welcome supportive, universal guidance to align you to your highest, most soulful, and heart-led self. 

Address: 99 King St, East Fremantle

Exchange: $35:00

Winter Wellness Workshop-3.png

Winter Wellness Workshop

23rd July
6pm - 8pm

We invite you to come along on a journey inward to explore the energy of these colder months. Leading you through the powerful healing practices of conscious breathwork, soul led Mantra, High vibe channeled healing and heartfelt guided meditation we will explore what is ready to surface, be felt released and transmuted during this season of winter.

Come along and join the collective!

Megan and Hayley join forces for the first time to bring together their unique healing work. With the cosmic intuitive powers from Megan Yule and the soulful spiritual energy from Hayley Dart you will be led through a safe and empowering evening that will elevate your soul, body and mind. With a very special guest appearance from soul healer, Natale Seigne.  


What to bring

  • Water

  • Journal/notebook


Ticket sales available here  $55


Winter Wellness Workshop Includes

  • Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony

  • Conscious Breathwork

  • Soul led Mantra

  • Channeled Healing

  • Guided Meditation

  • Reflection

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